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“Huitu” precision agricultural service set sail

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  After 40 years of reform and opening up, China's agricultural mechanization has achieved great historical achievements. Agricultural production has been transformed from relying mainly on human and animal power to relying mainly on mechanical power. Agricultural mechanization has entered a new era of leading agricultural production methods. The great transformation from the face of the loess to the sky to the basic mechanization has been realized. The bulk grain production has completely liberated the peasants from the manual labor. The farmers can plant their own 10 mu land by calling a motorcycle. However, farmers are more comfortable in farming, and the labor of agricultural operators is more complicated. In fact, all agricultural labor is basically pressed on the farmer's hand. In the busy season, the farmer's work is more than 16 hours a day, and lasts for more than 20 days. This makes the work of the agricultural machine workers very tired, which has led to serious aging in this industry. And the question of no one else. According to our random survey, the current agricultural machine operator is the oldest 70 years old, the youngest 45 years old, and the people under 45 years old are almost unwilling to engage in agricultural machinery operations. It is imperative to liberate agricultural handcuffs from heavy labor.

Sizhou tractor unmanned debut at the Wuhan Convention and Exhibition site

  The Ma Duan Yun Agricultural Machinery Cooperative of Heitao County, Jixian County is an old cooperative established for more than ten years. It undertakes the tasks of thousands of mu of land every year. However, the number of agricultural machinery drivers is unstable in the past few years. The biggest problem of business, the older body can not afford to eat, the younger ones to run in the first season, last year, I found two 30-year-old boys, spent two or three thousand training to learn the cultivation of arable land, the contract was booked for three years. After a year of resignation, it’s hard to say that it’s a 14-hour, 12-hour, ten-minute operation in the busy season, especially when the eyes are staring straight, the hand is not stopping the steering wheel, and sleeping at night. The eyes hurt, the hands are numb, two or three times because the flowers almost drove the tractor into the ditch, scared a cold sweat." Ma Duanyun, the head of the cooperative, complained to us. Yang Lipei, a farmer in Jiangyang Village, Heita Township, is 70 years old. He also insisted on agricultural machinery jobs: "I have no way. I am so old, I have to support it. I don't do any work in the village." The field is deserted, and the two sons and daughters are not willing to pick up my class. It is too bitter."
  Agricultural machinery automatic driving technology is the only way to solve the above problems. The technology can realize the straight-line intelligent driving of the agricultural machinery, which not only eliminates the intense labor of the agricultural machine operator in the course of the operation, but also greatly improves the precision of the operation.

Sizhou Tractor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. self-developed KM502 (electrically controlled hydraulic valve type) and KM503 (electric steering wheel type) two types of Beidou agricultural machine autopilot, can achieve 2cm precision of agricultural machine work, effectively improve the efficiency of agricultural operations.
  At present, tractors and agricultural machinery produced in Europe and the United States are almost all satellite navigation autopilots, and ordinary manual driving machines are almost no longer produced. This is the reason why the level of intelligence of agricultural machinery in Europe and America is much higher than that of China. In contrast, most of the agricultural machinery currently on the market in China is still driven by ordinary people, and the degree of intelligence is relatively low. Anhui Luzhou Tractor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has begun to build tractors and agricultural machinery equipped with satellite navigation automatic driving system, in order to accelerate the intelligent level of China's agricultural machinery.

Zhangzhou tractor operation effect                                         The effect of a brand tractor

  Beidou navigation tractors and agricultural machinery not only greatly reduce the driver's labor intensity, reduce fatigue, extend the continuous working time, but also reflect the high efficiency, high precision, high quality operation characteristics, greatly improving the accuracy of agricultural machinery operations. Degree, complete the transformation from extensive operation to precise operation, so that the agricultural machinery industry can complete the industrial upgrading, and precision agriculture can save pesticides by 10%, save fertilizer by 15%, save seeds by 10%, improve land utilization rate by 5%, and improve the quality of agriculture. Great efforts have been made to increase efficiency.
  Anhui Yinzhou Tractor Manufacturing Co., Ltd., as an emerging technical agricultural equipment enterprise specializing in the production of “Huituo” brand large horsepower wheeled tractors, plant protection machines, balers and other agricultural machinery, dare to be the first, insist on innovation The road, with Hefei University of Technology, Yangzhou University, Kalman Navigation Technology Co., Ltd. and other units to carry out all-round technical cooperation, its intelligent driverless tractor innovation team after two years of hard work, innovative independent research and development based on KM series agricultural automatic driving system of Beidou navigation. The horizontal direction of RTK positioning accuracy is ≤1 cm, vertical direction ≤2 cm; attitude measurement accuracy heading angle ≤1°, pitch/roll angle ≤0.5°; linear automatic driving deviation ≤2.5 cm. Good tool matching and environmental adaptability. At present, the system has been applied in the "Huituo" brand series of products, and successfully developed the "Huituo" brand intelligent unmanned tractor, which has been well received and praised by the users and has a very broad market prospect. In 2019, the company will further increase investment in science and technology innovation, continuously improve the driverless function, expand production capacity, increase promotion efforts, and put it into the market in batches to better meet the needs of the market and customers. In 2019, the company decided to set up 10 Beidou navigation receiving stations in Suzhou City for self-raised funds, so that unmanned agricultural machinery in Suzhou City can receive no blind spots, promote and apply Beidou navigation intelligent unmanned tractors, to promote Suzhou. The rapid development of modern agriculture in the city has contributed to China's agricultural modernization.

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