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Mutual benefit and development, cooperation and win-win situation

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In the early winter, the county has a pleasant scenery, and it is filled with the times of the times of hard work and hard work. From November 27th to 29th, the Investment Promotion Conference of the Jixian Agricultural Machinery Industrial Park and the Huizhou 2018 Suppliers Association were successfully held. Relevant leaders of the Ganxian County Government, senior leaders of the Huituo Company, elites from the agricultural machinery industry across the country, and representatives of 150 suppliers gathered together to exchange and summarize the experience and process of mutual cooperation, to promote friendship, enhance mutual trust, innovate cooperation, and collude. development of.

Speech by Xu Binghua, Member of the Standing Committee of the County Party Committee and Deputy County Magistrate

Xu Xichong, Deputy General Manager of Anhui Sizhou Tractor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

  Founded in April 2016, Anhui Sizhou Tractor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is an emerging technical agricultural equipment enterprise specializing in the production of medium and large horsepower wheeled tractors, plant protection machines, balers and other agricultural machinery. Up to now, 1,257 large-capacity wheeled tractors have been sold, achieving an output value of about 160 million yuan. In 2019, it plans to sell 5,000 wheeled tractors, including 2000 large-scale tractors, 2000 small and medium-sized tractors, and 1,000 export units. The current export orders have been basically implemented. Sales of other “Huitu” brand products such as plant protection machines and balers will be significantly improved.
  It is understood that in 2018, Huituo Company was officially listed in the equity center of Anhui Province with stock code 880247. From the earliest four wheeled tractors, the “Huituo” brand has gradually developed into 12 types of models, including 24 products such as wheeled tractors, plant protection machines and balers, and entered the national agricultural machinery purchase subsidy catalogue. At present, Huituo Company has 6 kinds of horsepower segment tractors and 4 kinds of agricultural machinery to enter the final preparation period of provincial promotion and appraisal, further enriching and perfecting the type spectrum of “Huituo” brand products, thus better satisfying The needs of different regions and different users.

Ma Wenzhou, Purchasing Manager of Anhui Sizhou Tractor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

  Strictly control the quality of procurement, start from the source, choose high-quality, high-credit, excellent service accessories manufacturers and famous products, as a long-term partner of the company. In the process of cooperation, Huituo Company will work with partners to achieve a win-win situation with quality and integrity. Huituo Company promises that all suppliers will go to Huituo Company for business negotiation. Huituo Company will treat each other with sincerity. The procurement staff of Huituo Company will strictly abide by business ethics and resolutely put an end to all acts of attracting bribes or possibly affecting their business relationship. .
  It is also known that in October 2017, Huituo successfully passed the ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification. In terms of product quality, we always adhere to the "quality first, customer first" policy, with iron discipline and wrists to constrain the company's quality work. Guide production with advanced assembly techniques and means, strengthen process quality control, and strictly control product inspection. Establish a one-machine product assembly process card to ensure product quality tracking and traceability. Respect the user's opinions and suggestions, absorb the advanced nature, continuously improve the product structure, and promote the steady improvement of product quality. Strengthen and improve the service function, so that every user can enjoy the intimate and warmhearted service with the characteristics of “Huihua”.

Xu Xiao, Manager of Weichai Power Agricultural Equipment Power Sales Company

Huang Bin, General Manager of Taian Ruida Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

  Huituo Company also actively promotes product upgrading and technological innovation, and has carried out strategic cooperation with well-known domestic research institutes such as Hefei University of Technology and Yangzhou University, and established a research team led by relevant experts to jointly develop intelligent tractors and agricultural implements and advanced The assembly process and the production of high-end components promote the rapid and good development of product research and development, ensuring the forward-looking and advanced nature of “Huituo” brand products, and further enhancing the core competitiveness of enterprises and products. Huituo currently has nearly 40 patents. The driverless tractor won the second place in the second “Win in the Jianghuai” Entrepreneurship Competition in Anhui Province, and won the honor of “Star of the Wings” on behalf of Anhui Province in the 3rd “Chuangyi Star” Entrepreneurship Innovation Competition. .

Luzhou Tractor and Yiluo Luochai signed a strategic cooperation contract

Luzhou tractor and Xulun rubber signed a strategic cooperation contract

  Since its establishment, Huituo has been committed to precision poverty alleviation. In 2017 and 2018, it donated tens of thousands of yuan in the “Poverty Alleviation and Strengthening” activities organized by the County Committee and the county government. It was awarded by the County Committee and the People’s Government for two consecutive years. The Poverty Alleviation Award. In 2017, in the “100 Enterprises to Help 100 Villages” organized by the Jixian Development Zone, 10 households were deprived of poverty, and each household was given 1,000 yuan per month, which was awarded the “100 Enterprises to Help 100 Villages” by the Jixian County Federation of Industry and Commerce. The title of “advanced unit” for poverty alleviation. On January 18, 2018, at the new product launch conference held by Huituo Company, donated 100,000 yuan to Da Liu Village in the development zone. All of this has won unanimous praise and wide acclaim from all walks of life.

Song Bin, deputy director of the Management Committee of Jixian Economic Development Zone

  In 2018, the Jixian Modern Agricultural Machinery Equipment Manufacturing Industrial Park, which was built by the Jixian County Government with an investment of 1 billion yuan, has begun to take shape. It is expected that in the beginning of 2019, Huituo will be relocated to the modern agricultural machinery and equipment manufacturing industrial park in Jixian County. The production environment, production means and capabilities of Huituo Company will be greatly improved and improved, providing a strong guarantee for the manufacture of more and better "Huituo" brand products.

Visit the new factory

  It is understood that the industrial park covers an area of 340 acres, and the modern factory area is 200,000 square meters. After the new plant is completed and put into production, the company will set up an unmanned tractor R&D center to further improve the function of the unmanned tractor and expand the unmanned Driving the tractor's production capacity, the unmanned function is applied to the “Huitu” brand tractor as a standard configuration. Huituo Company will also set up a high-end tractor R&D center to produce 9 workshops, including large tow, medium and small tow, plant protection machine, baler, gearbox, chassis, finishing, R&D workshop, inspection workshop and maintenance workshop.

Visit the new factory area


In the coming year, “Huituo” and its partners will jointly welcome more cooperation opportunities and development space. “Huituo” will treat all partners with honesty, hand in hand, long-term cooperation and complicity. In the future, we will jointly create a new situation of mutual benefit, common development and win-win cooperation!

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