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Acceptance report form

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According to the Interim Measures for the Environmental Protection Acceptance of Completion of Construction Projects, the environmental protection acceptance report form for the completion of the annual output of 10,000 units of energy-efficient high-powered large-horsepower tractors and spare parts for Anhui Sizhou Tractor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is disclosed as follows:

Construction project name: 10,000 units of energy-efficient and high-powered large-horsepower tractors and spare parts projects

Construction unit name: Anhui Yinzhou Tractor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Industry Category and Code: Tractor Manufacturing C3571

Nature of construction project: new construction

Construction site: Yuxian County, Economic Development Zone, Luhe Road, Jixian Qiangyu Sports Facilities Co., Ltd.

Publicity time: May 11, 2018, June 7, 2018 (20 working days in total)

During the publicity period, if there is any objection to the above publicity, please provide feedback in writing. The individual must submit the real name and the unit must be stamped with the official seal.

Contact: Zhu Rulong

Contact number: 0557-7010881

See the attachment for details:



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